Sketching of the Chagall Wall

I met up with the Urban Sketchers of Chicago on Saturday October 29, 2016. The designated meeting spot was in front of the Blick Art Store downtown. I was running late because I walked north instead of south after spending the morning painting at Millennium Park. I missed the group so I took to wandering to see what would catch my eye or find any other sketchers. About a block or so west I stumble across the Chase Plaza and there below me is the wall I saw Chagall making when I was a wee little on. For some reason I can never remember exactly where this sculpture is located so every time I come across it I am pleased to see it. My connection with this wall is from one of my earliest Childhood memories. I was about four walking with my Mother on our way to the Art Institute when she points down at a man glueing bits of glass to the wall below us. She states that he is Marc Chagall.